All Natural Elegant Combination

Bold and earthy! Oceanic and unadulterated salt is the best option for seasoning food and cooking. It's free of additives and artificial flavors, so it maintains its natural flavor for maximum enjoyment.

Salt Table Black Truffle Salt consists of a fine collection of marine black truffles which are hand-picked and then carefully sourced from selected high heat ocean locations around the world. Each piece is guaranteed to be authentic and free of any defects in color, size, texture, and salt content. This is a product that you can use to add a unique flavor or seasoning to any number of recipes. Whether it's melting chocolate sauce for cookies or dolloping on some ice cream to top a birthday cake, this salty treat can't be beaten.

The fragrance that comes from this amazingly versatile salt is undeniably strong. Very simply, black truffle sea salt has a wonderfully balanced combination of floral, citrus, and wood aromas which truly enhance the overall flavor of any dish. The aroma seems to linger in your nostrils long after the food is cleaned. The aroma reminds me of the warm summer days when you took a long walk on the beach or sat by a pool on a warm summer day.

This earthy flavor is naturally reminiscent of the sand on a beach. It's like walking through a fine, clear beach, only you have a delightful, salty taste instead of the sand. As mentioned, black truffle sea salt has a wonderful combination of citrus, floral, and wood aromas. You're really transported to another world where everything is just so very different from our own.

In addition to its earthy, fresh scent, black truffles also have another very important quality, it tastes great! It's hard to describe the taste, but suffice to say that this salty blend of flavors invokes an array of pleasant emotions. From the bright, intense flavors to the saltiness, black truffles have a way of grounding people emotionally. This makes them ideal for blending with other flavors as well. For instance, black truffles go well with fruity blends such as raspberry, caramel, apple, and peach.

Because black truffle salt tends to melt under high heat, it's best to use it in the oven or on a stovetop. Avoid placing it directly on a heat source because the solid mass can burn easily. Because it melts at high heat, it's also not recommended for using it as a seasoning for baked items such as cookies, cakes, and candies, though it works wonderfully well in those recipes where the flavor is more pronounced.

Another wonderful combination for baking with this gem is to dry the sage leaves and add them to medium heat. Then, use a wire rack to keep the dried mushrooms fresh and warm while you braid them into strands of cheese. Once the cheese is done braiding, use a cheesecloth to finish the process and enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth texture of the cheese fondue.

The great thing about black truffle is that it works amazingly well as a food additive, too. You can sprinkle it on top of any salad, mixed into seafood, or even mixed in with sauces. It pairs beautifully with sauteed green vegetables, as well as with cheeses, meat, chicken, and fish. This versatile seasoning has a very strong aroma and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the flavor of foods without overpowering them, unlike many other additives.

Unlike many other artificial additives, black sea salt has a very distinct natural flavor. It has a slightly salty flavor which is almost earthen but not really. This texture is best compared to sea salt, and it pairs incredibly well with fruit-based dishes like seafood, and cheesecakes. It also pairs beautifully with meats that have a slightly gamey flavor, such as pork, and with cheeses and eggs that are creamier than many other flavors. For a nice, all-natural flavor, grind some black truffle mushrooms into a powder, mix it in with some red wine, and serve on a bed of greens with a light cream sauce.

Black truffle salt has a very intense aroma, which is largely due to the content of iron and magnesium that it contains. This seasoning has a unique flavor that is hard to describe and is one of the best-selling varieties on the market today. It pairs amazingly well with both spicy and non-spicy dishes, as well as with fish and seafood. The aroma is so powerful that it is difficult to even take your eyes off of it, and when you do, you may be surprised at how good it actually tastes!

To make an even more extraordinary exquisite combination with olive Morada and black truffle salt, combine them with some tomato paste. Add some water to the tomato paste and let simmer for about twenty minutes. After simmering, add the olive Morada and let sit for about five minutes to blend. Then, simply sprinkle over some fresh basil leaves and enjoy this dish along with a cold glass of milk or your favorite juice. This dish is truly something special!