All There Is Know About Paint Protection Film For Cars

If you're unfamiliar about paint protection film, it's a type of film used in automobiles to shield paint from possible damage, such as staining, rock chips bugs, splatters of bug and other minor scratches. 

The story behind how Paint Protection Film was born

The idea that underlies the PPF actually originated with the military. Because of the constant damage of the delicate components of military helicopters during war the military needed to develop an effective method to stop the problem. For more information about paint protection film thousand oaks , you can explore this link

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How to Install Clear Bra

Many people are unaware exactly the process by which PPF is put in place. It's not surprising to find that some believe it's spray, while others claim that it's painted. Let's clear this up completely. The Clear Bra is fine adhesive thread of plastic which is applied by hand. Here are some general instructions on how car paint protection film is applied.

Step 1: the vehicle should be clean prior to the entire installation process can begin.

Step 2: The slippery solution (mixture of baby shampoo and water) is first prepared using the spray bottle. Then alcohol and water are prepared separately. It is essential to use the right quantity of solutions in order to guarantee an easy installation.

Step 3: The area that PPF is mounted is cleaned using prep solvent to remove any impurities such as grease and dust.