Book An Appointment Of A Neurologist For Headache Or A Migraine Treatment?

High-grade cluster headaches are often mistaken for migraines or some other type of headache. They are neurological conditions that require an intense level of discomfort that can last for minutes or hours, which is why they are known as headaches. This is a terrible type of headache, most common in men, which usually runs behind or around the eyes, sometimes radiates to the neck or shoulders, and is very difficult. 

Cluster headaches are specific headaches and can occur at any age, but are most common in adolescence and middle age. The underlying cause of these headaches is unknown, but family history plays a less role in cluster headaches than some odd types of headaches.  If you're also suffering from migraine visit to book an appointment.

Heavy smoking, certain drugs, disruption of normal sleep patterns, problems with the hypothalamus which is known to control the body's biological clock, alcohol consumption, stress, and certain foods are some of the reasons that cause glamor headaches. Cluster headaches start as severe, acute headaches and last 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. This causes the eyes and nose to swell, redden, and run on the same side, and the headache remains on the same side of the head, recurring at the same time every day for several weeks before disappearing.

They often go undetected for years because patients regularly assume they are migraines or other causes of headaches. Treating cluster headaches does not cure the headache itself, but relieves symptoms such as discomfort as they occur and stops the headache. The doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory steroid hormones, and medications for several weeks, starting with the full dose, then gradually decreasing.