Call Center Performance Management – Efficiency Performance Measures

Training and learning are the keystones of every organization. Be it regarding organizational behavior or concerns product manuals or FAQs, one-on-one training always helps and motivates agents to exceed their capacities and attain the targets.

Staff Attrition

It is the time when your staff is not present to handle the flow of calls. It could be due to meeting times, break times, or other nonproductive issues. It is an important measure as you can easily calculate how many people you will need in a session so that no call would go missing.

Efficiency of Schedule

It is about just hitting the mark. Not less and not more, just the right number of people working for you. Understaffing or overstaffing both is extremely dangerous curves for an organization. You can also choose Call Center QA & Quality Assurance for Call Centers from Callcriteria.

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Adherence to Schedule

This performance measure is a calculation of the number of working hours per schedule. It ascertains the productivity of a team and its agents.

System Availability

An agent is incapable of doing anything if his system is slow. The overall performance of an agent can be marred by a slow system. For instance, IVR is a much-used and coveted technique of every call center.

It eases down the workload of agents by 50 percent, in case IVR is not functioning properly, an agent would have to devote time to understand the nature of the query and answer it accordingly.