Cool Your Place This Summer With A Misting Cooling System

During summer, especially when the weather gets hot and humid, you need a device that is comfortable for you. Fogging is a great way to deal with hot summer conditions. This is because the misting cooling system allows you to add a little moisture to dry air and lower the heat for the comfort you want.

This fog system works by means of an evaporation system mechanism to create a very fine mist that destroys areas of heat and stress directly. It works via a simple mechanism. When tiny water droplets are released into warm air, they easily absorb all the heat from the air and are released as vapor. This conversion of liquid to gas creates a cooling effect called evaporative cooling. 

However, this misting cooling system is specifically designed for effective outdoor cooling that can be easily used outdoors or in areas where the air conditioning does not allow cooling. Most of these systems are fairly easy to install and maintain and are completely environmentally friendly. There are three types of refrigeration equipment: high pressure, medium pressure, and low pressure.

How to Select The Best Outdoor Misting Systems MIST COOLING BLOG

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High-pressure devices have fans designed for maximum cooling effect suitable for large areas. These systems operate at a pressure of 800 lb and are slightly more expensive due to the sturdy materials used in construction due to the high pressures they handle.

Medium-pressure devices are being used in both commercial and residential buildings. They were chosen for residential homes because they were more economical and not too expensive. They work at a pressure of about 200 pounds for water.

The low-pressure device works with normal household water pressure. They are very reasonable and their uses are somewhat limited due to the lower pressure and materials used.