Everything You Should Know About Miss Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a symbolic holiday for entertainment, food, and celebration in Canada. The festival focuses on many aspects of Canadian life and culture, including beer, historical events, and celebrations of Canadian life.

The Miss Oktoberfest – selected from the 11 candidates who will present the 48th annual Bavarian Kitchener Waterloo Festival from October 7 to 15 – will be announced during the gala party at Bingemans. You can also get information about miss oktoberfest via www.oktoberfest.ca/traditions/miss-oktoberfest/ via the web.

Miss Oktoberfest

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Pearson, the talent coordinator at Communitech, who specializes in voice communications at the University of Waterloo, handed the ceremonial crown – the larger of the two she wore – to her successor. This glittering tiara with the work of an extraordinary ambassador can weigh on the forehead of a 23-year-old.

Twenty years ago, Miss Oktoberfest made more than 100 public appearances. The Miss Oktoberfest candidate, whom Pearson has instructed in recent weeks, must live within 50 miles of Kitchener-Waterloo during her expected term, so Miss Oktoberfest will be nearby when the service calls for convenience.

The work would take another year, long after the final ballroom cleaning. Pearson was even called in to play the next Miss Oktoberfest when there was an event her successor couldn't do.

You don't need to buy special tickets to attend Oktoberfest, but you may need tickets to certain events after you attend the festival. If you want to attend, find accommodation and event tickets as early as possible so you don't miss anything you really want to see.