How To Get The Perfect Grilled Pizza

How can you cook a pizza on a grill, BBQ and achieve better results in a conventional oven? The theory was simple; people have been doing that since food was first heated.

With a little more thought, history provided the answer. Pizza propeller which retains high temperature, keeps the food clean and away from the direct heat source so that the pizza does not burn whilst cooking was the answer.

The practicality was questionable, not having cooked a pizza in anything but a conventional kitchen oven, with the results being less than OK.

So there had to be a way of cooking, which would allow me to achieve my goals and put pizza on my menu at parties. For someone who has never made a pizza from scratch, this was going to be an adventure. So if, like me, you are a novice let us begin the adventure together.

This style of cooking has been taking place for thousands of years both at home, abroad and in some countries is still the natural way of cooking today.

A domed BBQ becomes more like a pizza oven and BBQs fuelled by charcoal, gas, or electricity can still be used to good effect, especially if they too have covers. Pizza Stones can be used in a conventional oven, which we are assured, will give a more realistic taste to the pizza.

The Pizza Stones, the paddles which are used to place and remove the pizza plus various other accessories can be bought individually or in kits.

It was interesting to find that there are on the market several versions of the countertop oven with pizza stones and grills which can be used indoors (and as additional cooking sources outdoors) to create the perfect pizza.