How to Handle a PR Crisis

While a PR crisis’s effect may seem intangible at first, it will definitely affect your business in the long run. Customers and clients want to interact with businesses they trust. If your company is caught in a PR storm, it puts that trust in jeopardy. While at first, the issue may seem simple or small, if the PR crisis isn’t handled properly, it can grow into a major issue.

While other technologies and platforms can account for this change, Facebook’s data privacy issues play a major role in the company’s future relationship with new and existing customers. Any business that encounters this kind of problem can seek professional PR crisis management help through

Appoint a response team

Your business should already have a response team in place before a crisis even hits. However, during a controversy, you’ll want to appoint a response team quickly to ensure the right people are speaking on behalf of your company.

Devise a strategy and brief your team.

The protocol is essential to the proper management of your crisis communications efforts. Each member of your response team should understand their responsibilities and know whether to take a proactive or reactive approach in their media coverage of the incident.

Craft your message

Once you and your team have gathered all the facts about the incident, you should agree on how you will frame your response. Think about the most transparent way to address the situation and what your company has done or will do about it without placing external blame.