Importance Of Using Eco-Friendly Dog Poop Bags

Are you still using plastic bags for cleaning up after your dog? Surprisingly, many dog owners are still buying this toxic material, despite the many more sustainable options out there. The world is now becoming more and more eco-friendly as we are all becoming aware of the damage that we are having on the planet.

This is why it is shocking that there are dog owners who still choose plastic over biodegradable or compostable dog poop bags, especially when the switch to a more sustainable choice is not a difficult one to make.

We know that these options are better for the planet than the old, plastic equivalent, but what is the difference, and why are they so much more preferable?

First, let’s talk about how bad plastic bags are for the planet. We all remember the large shift away from using plastic shopping bags, when everyone began using bags for life, yet people are still using plastic bags for their dogs.

Bags are essential for picking up after your dog for sanitary reasons; preventing the pathogens from dog waste from going onto your hands. It is also mainly picked up because of politeness- you don’t want others stepping in your dog’s mess, or having to go out of their way to avoid it on the street.

So, ultimately, dog poop bags are an essential item for dog owners. However, the use of plastic bags is greatly contributing to the plastic problem – it is estimated that 500 million plastic poop bags are used annually throughout the world.

This is a shocking statistic and one that needs to change. Plastic fills up our landfills, damages wildlife and breaks into microplastics which ruins soil and therefore agriculture. This is why we feel so passionate about the shift that needs to happen – from plastic to eco-friendly.