Introducing Cerec, Same Day Dental Crowns In Orange Park

What is a dental crown? Crowns or dental caps are needed when too much tooth structure is lost for normal fillings to be strong enough to withstand normal masticatory forces. The outer layer of enamel on the tooth is removed to make room for the crown or cap to fit over it and restore stability to the tooth.

If the tooth has chipped or followed a root canal procedure, your dentist may also recommend a crown or dental cap. To get more details about the same-day crowns dentist in Orange Park, you may see it here.

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CAD-CAM technology

Although CAD-CAM technology has been around for almost 30 years, recently its popularity has grown exponentially. Cerec CAD-CAM is an amazing machine that can grind new crowns right in the office during your appointment.

By using conventional techniques, the teeth must be shaved and a temporary plastic tooth must be placed while the permanent crown is being created in a lab. With the new Cerec technology, your dentist will prepare your teeth for a dental crown, take a digital impression of the remaining tooth structure, and then use Cerec software that has been downloaded from a computer to a CAD-CAM machine to cut the new tooth from the ceramic block.

Cerec can also be used to make inlays to replace larger fillings. Cerec can not only make amazing restorations and save you time and money, but also a lot of fun.