Is Hand-Poured Silver Worth More?

Investors and collectors looking to buy precious metals will find both poured and pressed bars. It is important to understand the advantages and limitations of each option before deciding which one is right for you.

Through the process of pouring and molding the metal, almost every poured bar has its own unique and distinctive properties. Because bars are not as polished as their pressed counterparts, this gives them a higher aesthetic appeal to some investors and collectors. If you are looking to invest in hand-poured silver, visit

Pressed bars are often shinier and have a higher degree of luster. Due to the process involved in their manufacture, they are often less expensive than poured bars.

Poured bars are usually more expensive than pressed bars for two reasons. One is that they are generally larger and the second being that they often require a human to physically pour the metal. Needing to have a human presence in order to complete the process makes it more time-consuming and costly.

Pressed bars will usually cost less, but for the same reason that poured bars cost more. However, some pressed bars may also have designs that make them collectors’ items. If a bar is considered a collectors’ item, prices are often higher than the metal’s melt value.

Deciding on whether to purchase poured or pressed bars isn’t always an easy decision. Investors and collectors should consider the value of each bar rather than taking a blanket approach that puts all poured bars into a single category. Some like the more natural look and uniqueness of poured silver bars, while others may like pressed silver bars for their special or commemorative design.