Lance Armstrong and the Legacy of the Tour de France

The Tour de France stands out as the greatest cycle contest worldwide, across greater than 2,200 miles of the French landscape. All bike riders worldwide think about travel to France to participate in this race as the biggest stage in their cycling opportunities. The Tour is the one racing event where media outlets deliver the event to millions of viewing bicycling fans. The Tour de France takes 23 days. Each phase of the race traverses idyllic French communities that symbolize the beauty of the countryside. Many of the travellers go on holidays to view the Tour and see the French nation. In occasional Tour's, the Tour goes cross the border of Italy or Spain. You can get generous vacation packages which takes you to many locations to see the race. Tour de France deals are the most useful method to book resort rooms near the race route.

Plenty of good reasons as to why this race is considered the most prestigious cycling tour in the world. For one, it is the most ancient bicycle race in the world. No other cycling race predated the Tour de France, so we know that all the foundations and events of bicycling events descends from this tour. It is usually probably the most gruelling cycle race as well as the most mentally challenging race of any sports occasion. Competitors have to ride the extreme mountains and go through meandering roads in order to complete the Tour.

In spite of the greatness of the race, it will long be thought of with the drug tainted wins by Lance Armstrong. His recurrent denials, deception as well as threats long kept his drug use and cheating concealed. Armstrong was subsequently exposed by whistle blowers who exposed him at great risk to themselves. Lance Armstrong finally confessed just what he did and the wins were removed from him. Sad to say the race will be scared from this and thought of because of this. With luck , time will recover that harm.