Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Extends the Grilling Season

While the indoor kitchen has long been the heart of the home, the luxurious outdoor kitchen is quickly becoming the heart of the backyard. This trend has grown to become a year-round barbecue for families who increasingly enjoy the warmth of summer cakes from fall to spring.

Today's homeowners are turning their patios into outdoor spaces perfect for everything from fall holidays to fun holiday get-togethers.

Outdoor kitchens offer many options for cooking and lively entertainment. Switch from summer to fall, shift your menu from ribs to grilled and expand it with delicious baked desserts and a variety of baked products. Luxurious outdoor kitchens also offers more flexibility in organizing large family gatherings, so you can grill and cook during parties instead of being away from everyone in the indoor kitchen.

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Today's grills are commercial-style cooking machines with elegant styling and sophisticated features. With the ingenious Lynx Professional Grill, for example, you can grill and cook meat, fish, and vegetables like a professional chef in a restaurant. But in a fancy outdoor kitchen, the grill is only the beginning.

This kitchen is fully equipped for work, as well as its internal analogs with all the necessary equipment for storing, preparing, cooking, and heating food, as well as for easy and convenient cleaning.

Some of the most popular devices include cocktail stations, outdoor refrigerators, outdoor ice makers, side burners, heating drawers, access doors (for storing and accessing gas and water pipes), household drawers, and trash centers.