Network Cabling Solutions In Los Angeles

Computer rentals and network cabling services in Los Angeles is now trying to measure and analyze customer behaviour and data traffic. This service provider for network and cable infrastructure has expanded its portfolio of structured network cabling solutions to include a traffic analyzer. 

A traffic analyzer is a type of traffic measurement system that resembles a human meter but includes reporting and analysis of traffic data, often through managed services. To know about traffic analyzer and network cabling in Los Angeles visit

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Traffic analysts are popular with retailers and other organizations who need to measure and analyze customer behaviour and their traffic to better understand sales opportunities, determine the effectiveness of in-store marketing efforts, and improve the efficiency of the division of labour. Traffic Analyzer doesn't just count people or pedestrians. 

It calculates the percentage of sales conversions, identifies peak times and sales seasons, determines overall sales opportunities and reduces sales outflows, and compares store efficiency at the local, regional and national levels with available markets.

To function properly, traffic analyzers need well-designed and properly installed wiring networks and infrastructure. Datatrend Technologies has provided a wide range of network cabling systems and applications for a long time.

They offer point of sale, energy monitoring and management, digital signage, video surveillance systems, electronic queuing systems and property management systems. Now they have added traffic analysts to their complete portfolio.