Power Training For Boxing

Begin with these warmup exercises, all of which should be performed for about 10-15 seconds, and no more (or less). This is a dynamic warmup, meaning speed will increase gradually as you go along, and these exercises will activate your hip flexibility, leg muscles, and core:

Walking Lunge—For walking lunges, start by taking a long step forward, and then dropping down so that both knees form 90-degree angles, with the thigh of your front leg perpendicular to the ground, and the shin of your back leg perpendicular to the ground. But First, you should consider buying the best quality boxing equipment from the everlast online store via https://boxingroyale.com/es/ (Which is also called ‘ tienda online everlast a través de https://boxingroyale.com/es/ ’ in Spanish).

Push off the front leg as you step forward and repeat with the other leg. This is going to ignite your hip flexors and will start getting your joints moving in the variety of directions that are required in boxing.

High Knee Walking—High knee walking is kind of like an exaggerated march, in which each knee is lifted abnormally high as you walk across the gym floor. Don’t think of this as anything other than a warmup, meaning that only an easy effort should be applied. 

The object for this and all your warmup exercises isn’t to build muscle, but rather, to prepare your muscles to be worked. This is akin to laying down kindling for a fire you are building. While kindling isn’t the fire’s main fuel, it is the base from which the main fuel gets started.