Reptile Enclosure – Glass or Screen

A glass enclosure is better for your animals because it holds in moisture. Not! The screen is better as it allows more air movement through the enclosure!

This debate has been going on for the past few years at the reptile shows I'm vending. As the focus is on keeping crested geckos, I am very interested in this topic and have kept an open mind (and a closed mouth) to hear the discussions.

Well, last year I decided to take the debate a step further. Knowing that this question would be put to us by customers in the future, I had to be able to answer this question with an informed, intelligent, and most importantly, helpful answer.  You can also buy PVC Panel Reptile Enclosure Low Terrarium Black via an online store.

I believe in gathering facts, comparing results, trying something different, discovering it for myself rather than buying a concept entirely. There is a lot of information on the internet and, it is discussed in reptile shows.

Obviously, before moving on, I had some ideas in mind about what to focus on. Ease of maintenance (feeding and misting), ease of cleaning, ability to hold humidity, and ultimately which setup—glass or screen—geckos prefer. OK, so that last one is based more on my assumption than first-hand accounts.

Before keeping any geckos in the enclosure, there are a few points to consider in selection.

After setting up 4 enclosures on my pretty stand, I loaded each with a large artificial plant, plastic plant ground cover, and finally a damp hide. The pair were introduced to each other and that was the last time I saw each other for several weeks as they were hiding in fake foliage.

Since it was springtime I moved groups of 4, and you know what the males' choices change in the spring—yes, that's true baseball and fishing—observations were limited to quick feedings and mistings. I noticed that I could mist screen tanks directly into the enclosure or higher, whereas with glass enclosures with screen tops, the mist only had to come from above. Not a big issue but something to consider.