Complete Guide on Architectural 3D Rendering

Architectural 3D rendering is one of the most popular and sought-after techniques in the Architectural Industry. This technique has revolutionized the Engineering industry and is now a popular marketing tool.

Depending on the use of architectural 3D rendering, there are many services. It can be used for creating images from different angles, set-ups, animations, walk-throughs, product modeling, and so on. To get more details about 3D rendering you may check it here.

Rendering is a technique used to give a surface texture and give it a realistic look. You can use it for material application, texture, or photo-realistic render.

3D Rendering

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These are some of the services that you can get under the Architectural Umbrella.

Interior & Exterior Rendering:

Interior and exterior rendering include rendering of Indoors as well as Outdoors. This includes 3D floor plans and furniture and fixtures, landscaping, water bodies, day and night views, and landscaping. These rendered views can be used as a visual aid to show how a building or the surrounding area would look after construction.


Photo-montage is the combination of an existing site with a rendered 3D Model. It is possible to place a rendered building, house, or villa on an existing background and see what it looks like. This allows architects to determine if a site is suitable for construction.

Furniture and Fixtures

This includes the modeling and rendering of furniture and fixtures in architectural 3D rendering. This technique is widely used in interior design.