Afternoon Tea Themed Bridal Showers

You have many options when it comes to planning a bridal shower. Hosting afternoon tea is a great way to show your class.

A multi-generational bridal shower can be arranged around afternoon tea. Its civilized nature will appeal greatly to great-aunts and grandmothers. Little flower girls will love being included in this special ritual. This theme can be a charming one for a bridal shower, especially if the bride is a lover of finer things in life.

Afternoon tea is all about gracefully serving tea. It is important to have plenty of beautiful china cups and teapots. You don't want to serve tea in mugs. The tea service should be served on a beautifully arranged platter. You can also visit this site to order afternoon tea for two.

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You should also have creamers of milk, lemon wedges, and sugar lumps. You can serve a variety of teas, but make sure to include those that are not caffeine-free like chamomile.

Invites are the best place to start if you're planning to host an afternoon tea party. You should choose invitations that complement your theme. For example, you could opt for stationery with a simple gold teapot and a personalized message on the top. 

You could also consider Victorian-inspired invitations. You could also choose to send an invitation with an Asian theme, such as one made from rice paper, since tea is loved by the Japanese just as much as it is by the Brits.

You can't live on tea alone so make sure you have a variety of light snacks. Pastries are essential. Many bakeries offer a wide selection of delicate tea cookies. A great idea is to make mini cheesecakes with fresh fruits and lemon squares. Make sure you have a selection of chocolate-loving options! Traditional afternoon tea includes little finger sandwiches along with sweets.