Essential Tips For Android Application Development

Android Application Development has been a huge success. According to trend analysts, android will be the most popular mobile application industry in the next few years. Android applications are more reliable than other platforms and can be used to create them. Android development is becoming more popular and professionals are trying to reap the benefits.

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These are the essential guidelines or tips for Android app development:

* Get the package name for your application first! Androidmanifest.xml is the file that contains all details about your apps. Your app's identifier will be the package name in AndroidManifest.xml. Try to reserve your place at the lowest level.

* Reduce the size of your android app by using different services and suits. We all know that smaller apps load faster.

* Get to know your target audience. Android developers must know their users and audience. Do some research on what users want and expect from your app. If you have already created an app, get feedback from users to help improve it.

* Don't worry if you don't know SQL. Learn XML, too. This will be a great help when you are developing an android application. Android applications heavily rely upon XML and SQL databases.

* Learn more about the eclipse and its features.

* Learn more about Android SDK and other support tools.

* Learn hierarchy viewer and use it in your android app development. It will allow you to visualize the UI of your app and assist you with complex layouts. It is only available for the Android OS development version and emulator.