Various Types of Explainer Videos

There are many products and services that require you to educate your potential audience even before expecting them to take action. You can find your product quite easy to use, but it doesn't happen with all your potential customers.

Screencast video.

Screencast video is a type of explainer video commonly used to explain the process of using various types of products. Proper use of a screencast video is for teaching the software product and walking your audience through multiple features.

Screencast Video consists of screenshots for describing work processes, such as animated videos, content management systems, and so on. You can use this type of video for internal and external purposes. What's so great about screencast video is that it's in many organizational budgets, both small or big.

Animated Characters Video

If you are like most people, you might like watching animated videos with characters, even if you are an adult. However, that does not mean that most of you want to watch the same type of video that a 4-year-old child wants to see.

The animation that you will watch in 2D animated character videos will not be far different from other animated videos that children watch. But, there is one thing that will make a big difference, and that's the story of the video. 2D animated character video is a type of video that has many acting characters based on certain stories.

In addition, this is a fantastic way to tell the story to your audience. These videos help in raising emotions between your audience that will make it memorable for them, which is the reason why it is a common type of explainer videos.

Motion graphics

2D motion graphics videos are different from 2D video animated characters even though the fact is both are 2D videos. Unlike 2D video animation characters, you don't need a very interesting story in this type of video. In this type of video, you go directly to the point.


Go with 2D motion graphics if you want to explain a complicated product to your potential customers without wasting much of their time. It is an ideal type of video for breaking down a complex business process into many small parts that are easier for your audience to understand.