Application Modernization A Rapid Approach

Application modernization helps in determining the right path to take in improving your current applications. Nowadays, with all of the open-source, mobile, and web capabilities that are available on IBM I. Modernizing and regenerating your old application code is really difficult. Application modernization is the process that you need to plan carefully. 

Selecting the right application modernization strategy is a non-trivial task, given the variety of these techniques and the unique needs of specific organizations. You can also know about IBM I application modernization via LANSA'S IBM I modernization is the most complete development toolset for the IBM I. You simply won’t find a more efficient method to modernize your IBM I than with LANSA’s modernization tools.

Various techniques and strategies for the general modernization plan:

  • Business processes improvement: You must be able to access, how this Application modernization that you are implementing for your organization will contribute to improving and optimizing the operational process. 
  • Cost: It is also an important factor that will be the cost required in utilizing the IBM I modernization strategies. 
  • Alignment with business objectives.  

LANSA’s Toolkit for IBM I modernization:

  • Visual LANSA
  • Ramp(Rapid Application Modernization Process)
  • Portalize

Modernization is really a tough task for the big organization, the main goal is to create new business value from the existing applications. That is why strategizing for IBM I Modernization is so important