Asbestos Causes these Diseases

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The nose is probably one of the easiest portals for bacteria, microbes and viruses to enter. Asbestos is a material that crumbles with the slightest of touches. Once crumbled, it gets mixed with the atmosphere becoming invisible to our eyes. It is when this material enters our body and mainly targets the lungs as its home. If this material to be in abundance on the surface of the lungs, then it can certainly cause some mild to severe diseases. Here are the diseases caused by asbestos.

  1. Lung Cancer – Smoking cigarettes was the prime reason leading to lung cancer. However, smoking is no more the only cause of lung cancer. In fact, asbestos is one of the many causes of lung cancer. There are risks for employees working in industries like mining, milling and manufacturing. The presence of asbestos is found to be in abundance in these industries. Symptoms of asbestos include cough with blood, pains on the chest, difficulty in breathing etc. Therefore, one should consider taking it seriously after getting exposed to asbestos.
  2. Asbestosis – This is another disease caused by asbestos-related to respiration. Asbestosis is mainly a non-cancerous disease, however, extremely painful. An individual suffering from this disease experiences pains to the chest while trying to breathe. The pain is like experiencing cracks to the lungs while breathing. For now, doctors have no cure for those suffering from this disease. However, it is still recommended to keep visiting the doctor for those suffering from this disease.

Based on the diseases caused by this material, asbestos removal in Brisbane is crucially important.