Toxic Baby Food Causes Neurological And Developmental Side Effects

The toxic ingredients in many of the most trusted and popular baby foods have been proven to be harmful to children. Unsafe levels of four important heavy metals were found in baby food raw materials and products. This was revealed by a congressional investigation. Children can sustain irreversible brain and neurological damage if they ingest toxic baby foods contaminated with these chemicals.

Lawyers who handle toxic baby food cases believe that parents and their children may be entitled to significant compensation from if they have suffered from side effects due to toxic heavy metal contamination. A lawsuit can be used to hold the manufacturer responsible for any damage that it caused you or your loved ones. It will also provide real compensation for your medical expenses and suffering.

Baby Food Lawsuits

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According to the documents, many commercial baby foods are contaminated with toxic heavy metals. Baby food products containing heavy metals have not been labeled or warned to warn consumers about the potential for neurological harm and developmental defects. The subcommittee recommended the following steps be taken to reduce the number of heavy metals in baby food and the associated side effects.

  • Baby food products must pass mandatory heavy metal testing
  • To report heavy metal levels in baby food, standardize labeling
  • Eliminate toxic products and ingredients
  • For all baby food products, establish FDA standards to allow for heavy metals.
  • Use the resources and tools below to promote parental vigilance