Staying Healthy And Treating Illness

Staying healthy and treating disease is always a priority for individuals and families but it is not always so easy. Today we focus on how to be healthy and treat diseases with the help of your mobile phone or more correctly smartphone. 

There are a variety of apps to help with this, so let's take a look at some of the best available for phones, phablets and tablets running on Android, Apple or Windows Phone operating systems. You can find the best workout and diet app via

best workout and diet app

Home Remedies (Lite) from ProThoughts

This simple app, which should not be consulted or helped by your doctor, includes a comprehensive list of home remedies for conditions that you and your family may experience throughout your life.

InstantHeart Rate from Azumio

This clever little app will take your heart rate for you. Just place your finger on the camera lens for 15 seconds and your pulse is taken by measuring small changes in the color of your skin. The app will inform you about whether your heart rate is within a healthy range and each result can be stored in the timeline for future reference.

Stress Check from Azumio

Another great app from the Azumio team is Stress Check. Using a similar principle as the Instant Heart Rate app the time between your heartbeats is measured as these vary from beat to beat and this difference indicates your level of stress.