Used Car Inspection in Muscat

A used car engine inspection begins with a visual inspection of the engine, engine compartment, and engine base. You have not started the engine at this point and should be cool to the touch. If the engine is hot, it means the car has been running recently and could potentially be a subtle hint of a problem. Vehicle inspection in Muscat can assist you in purchasing a used car that looks and functions as well as a new one.

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When buying a used car, you want to check the engine when it is cold, as this gives you a better idea of the actual condition of the engine. A warm engine will always start and work more easily than a cold engine. 

Start checking the used car engine by looking for oil leaks in the engine compartment and especially on the underside of the engine. Also, you can often get an idea of a car's oil leak by looking at the ground beneath where the car is often parked. 

Check the radiator and the hoses connecting the radiator to the engine for green or white spots. The radiator coolant is green and leaves a green stain where there is a slow leak.

Check the vehicle's engine oil by removing the engine oil dipstick. These dipsticks are usually labeled Oil so they are easy to find. The correct way to check the oil level is to keep the engine cool and park the car on a level surface. Remove the wand completely and at the end wipe off the grease with a cloth or rag.