All About The CBD Facial Products

CBD is the Cady Sheron of the skincare industry right now. It's buzzy, fascinating, and full of secrets, though not as much as Gretchen Weiner's hair. CBD is good for your skin. Just make sure that you are buying CBD-rich products.

CBD's Skin Benefits

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  • Regulate Oil production: CBD regulates hormones that are involved in oil production.

  • Reduce breakouts: CBD can reduce inflammation and reduce breakouts thanks to its oil production regulation.

  • Calm Rosacea. CBD's ability to reduce inflammation may help soothe rosacea flare-ups.

  • Reduce Free Radical Damage: The goal of CBD is to prevent skin weakness by neutralizing free radicals.

  • Reduce Hormonal Conditions: Because CBD is an adaptogen that's powerful, it could help to reduce the release of hormones in times of stress.

How to Use it?

The product you choose to use for CBD skincare will determine how you use it. Engelman says that most CBD products contain creams or serums. Layer your skincare products as you would normally, starting from the thinnest to the thickest. Creams should be applied first. 

However, it is not a good idea to self-diagnose skin conditions. Professionals say, "Read all labels and consult a doctor before you start any new topical or supplement treatment."