Difference Between White Label CBD and Private Label CBD

When investing in the cannabis industry, or any market, businesses must consider their unique approach to drive sales and generate profits. Some businesses choose the white label approach, while many others opt for private label manufacturing. What is the difference?

Explore the major differences between private label and white label and which process might be a more suitable venture for your business. 

Key Takeaways

For faster service, use white label manufacturing, as a private label can take longer, adding to overall costs but contributing to unique product branding.

For a unique branding experience with more options for customization, private label products are superior in exclusivity to white label ones, but with strategic marketing strategies, any business can efficiently take advantage of white label product’s lower costs and generate a greater profit margin. Get more information about CBD white label through https://purehempproduction.com/.

Basic Overview

White label products are manufactured by a third party but resold to one or multiple retailers who add their own branding and logo on the product. So the purchasing company can then replace the white-label of the manufacturer with marketing or branding that fits their product line.  You can see this when a white label product like acetaminophen (or formally Tylenol) is sold by different brands on the same packaging, while private label is slightly different.

While also manufactured by a third party, private label products often feature an exclusive contract between the manufacturer and retailer. Private label products are crafted and customized according to that retailer’s particular specifications. What results is a customized product sold only to that brand or business, like Target’s Market Pantry brand, which is found only in Target retailers.