How To Overcome Toothache

Sometimes people think that the toothache goes away because the bacteria kill the pulp so the pain subsides.

In fact, the infection is still there and will continue to infect the tooth and surrounding structures. This is when a tooth abscess develops and this is one of the reasons why a toothache should be investigated with any description.

What Are the Symptoms

The main symptom, of course, is pain. It can be a constant pain or a sharp, stabbing pain when trying to bite the affected tooth. Other symptoms include visible swelling.

The gums around the teeth may also look red instead of a healthy pale pink. If the infection tries to drain out of the tooth, it doesn't taste good. Headache or fever may occur in cases where the infection is very severe.

Before it is too late, you should visit the dental clinic such as Kidshine Dental & Orthodontics which is in your proximity.

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When should you visit the dentist or pediatric dentist?

•        If your toothache lasts more than a day or more.

•        You should also see your child's dentist as soon as possible if your child has a very severe toothache.

•        Especially if you notice swelling or if your child is uncomfortable.

It can affect your overall health. It is very important to see a pediatric dentist as soon as your child has additional symptoms such as Swelling of the face. Or if they have a fever.

This can be a serious condition that can affect the general health of you or your child. Don't hesitate to seek treatment.