Direct Primary Care in Charlotte

 Innovative Medical Care Models are developing throughout the country and changing the delivery of health services. One of them is called direct primary care (DPC).  DPC practices are redefining patient-centric, value-based medical care. While these adjectives are "Buzz words" for insurance-based health care entities, there is a refreshing adjective application as the personalized patient's care submitted by best direct primary care doctors in Charlotte, NC who do not participate with insurance companies.

The DPC redefines and recrosses medical treatment for patients and doctors. A periodic medical service fee, such as a monthly subscription pays for a comprehensive list of medical services. Patients up to "eating parties" on their health care! Patients get to “binge” on their healthcare! Specialists are jumping on-board too in which case the model is called direct care or direct medical care. Our country has not seen this kind of innovation in the healthcare arena for decades which makes this choice for patients and physicians a breath of fresh air.


The DPC model was born for various reasons; Two needs are very important. The first is the need for patients, who find themselves in the midst of a very damaged, expensive and inefficient health care system. The DPC reacts and develops a way to increase access, attention, and affordability. The second need is the desire of a doctor to recover sanctity in the relationship of patients.

Removing road barriers, such as intermediary administration red ribbon, helps patients and doctors meet the needs of each other for a better health experience. Patients and doctors enjoy the benefits of the DPC model; Patients have more time with their doctors, experiencing affordable care while doctors spend more time with their patients, and provide improved access.