The Advantages Of Laser Marking Medical Devices

If you are looking to permanently etch or emboss an instrument, you should consider laser marking medical devices. Here are some of the reasons you should consider laser marking to label and identify equipment in your workplace or your hospital.

  • Heat Resistance

By boiling and sterilization the adhesive labels will peel off. Laser marking medical devices creates permanent marks on the plastic and metal ensuring that the marks will not fade away.

Laser Etching Medical Devices for Precision, Longevity and More - Laser Impressions Inc.

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  • Sanitation

Medical device adhesive labels aren't just fragile and simple to remove, but they're also sticky. When the top layer is removed, it may collect dirt, grime, and even disease. Markings made by lasers remain permanent. They are sterilized.

  • Bio-Compatibility

In the case of biodegradable plastics, and other similar devices and tools, laser cutting will not leave anything left behind that may harm the biodegradable nature and the nature of the source material. Laser marking is a precise process that creates a label or name for the device being marked and does not worry about the integrity of the product.

  • Cost-Efficiency

Medical laser marking is less expensive than one might think because no "consumables" are utilized in the procedure. Lasers engrave your mark into your tools or other medical equipment, which is as straightforward as it seems.

  • Low Heating Generation

Laser marking isn't enough to generate enough heat to harm the most delicate implants. Whatever material you're trying to mark, usually aren't concerned about the possibility of damaging it using laser engraving.