Types and Benefits of Dental Implants in Portland

For people who lose loose teeth, unbroken, damaged or disappeared, dental implants can be a gift. Dental implants are widely used to replace missing teeth, dentures, or even all rows of teeth are lost.

Dental implants are a replacement for permanent teeth that are visible and feel like your natural teeth. In addition to giving you an amazing smile, replacement teeth also let you chew food properly and improve the quality of your life dramatically. 

Dental implants are roots of dentures drilled into the jawbone to support dentures. Two or more implants can function as a restoration for a group of teeth.

This artificial titanium root device is placed with surgery into a jaw where one teeth or a set of gears are lost. Dentures that look natural or a series of dentures (crowns) are then placed above the root of implants. Titanium roots act as anchor for replacement teeth and provide stable support for a number of dental restoration, including crowns, bridges or dentures.

Endosteal dental implants: Also called 'root form' cylindrical implants or screws are shaped like the root of the tooth and implanted into the jaw to provide a base for one, some or artificial teeth arches. This type of dental implantation is only used where there is a width and depth of jawbone abundantly. The root form implant looks like the original teeth, and is the most widely used of all types of dental implants.