Types Of Online Form Approvals

When you create an online form, it may be used to gather information from customers or potential customers. To ensure that the form is used properly and that all data is collected accurately, you need to approve it first.

Approval ensures that users can complete the form, submit their information, and receive a response or a notification if there are any issues. There are different types of form validation, so it's important to understand which one is best for your situation.

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Types of Form Approvals

One type of approval is email approval. This type of approval is used when the user needs to approve a form but doesn’t want to have to visit the website or fill out the form in person. Email approvals are quick and easy.

Another type of approval is pop-up approval. Pop-up approvals are similar to email approvals in that they allow users to approve a form without having to visit the website. However, pop-ups are different in that they open in a separate window instead of in the browser’s main window.

The last type of approval is FormCloud approval. FormCloud approvals are similar to pop-ups in that they open in a separate window. However, FormCloud approvals allow users to access all the fields on the form at once instead of opening one field at a time like pop-ups do.