What Age Can A Child Start School In UK

Many parents are confused about taking the difficult decision of sending their children to school in the UK. A child's ability to be ready for school depends on his or her age, intellectual readiness, and also their social, emotional, and physical maturity. 

Each child is not going to excel in each of these areas. Each child's abilities must be evaluated by parents. It's no wonder that parents are having a hard time sleeping at this time of the year. But now you can calculate age in the UK which is ideal for your children to start school by using the school age calculator.

age calculator uk

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Send the child to school when they are of legal age. But relying on only legal age is too simplistic. Even education boards from different States aren't able to agree on the "right" age at which a child should be ready for school. 

Research shows that the earlier a child begins school according to their parents' convenience Imagine how much a five-year-old child has learned in five years. From a little helpless baby, they have grown up to be able to talk and walk, split five cakes into the right amount for four people, and even argue about why they don’t want to clean their bedroom. It can take a year to make a difference in how they deal at school.

Communication skills are essential in schools. Teachers are busy people, and despite what children think, they are not all-seeing or all-knowing. A child should be able to ask their teacher for help with homework. Before a puddle forms on the floor, they must be able to confidently ask for help if they need it. This all comes with age.