The Basics of Bail Bonds

After being in jail, certain criminals may be granted temporary freedom by obtaining bail bonds. Bail bonds are made up of contracts between the bail-payer with the bail broker. 

When a bail bond in Orange County is issued it is the obligation of the broker who is on bail to guarantee that the defendant will appear at the court, if summoned. You can also have a peek at this website to hire bail bonds in Orange County.

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It's typically family members or Keith that contact the bail agent to request an individual's release via the bail bond. The amount of bail of the person being released is determined by the judge. In return, the bail agent is paid a portion of the sum. 

When the bail bond is accepted, the person who has posted bail promises that on the day that the defendant is not present in the event of a summons it will pay the bond in the full amount.

In certain situations, the bail agent may prefer to request that the defendant or co-signer provide additional security to secure the bond. While collateral is not requested by the bail agent, the co-signer must at a minimum have a steady source of income and reside in a home that is rented or a residence that is close to the defendant. 

This is to protect if the bail officer cannot locate the defendant and the co-signer must be liable for the full bail amount. If this happens, after the defendant has been located and is detained the cost that a bail agent incurs in searching for the defendant should be paid by the cosigner.