All About Fake Tan Products

Also known as sunless tanning or self-tanning, fake tan refers to certain chemicals that are applied to the body that help to imitate the appearance of a traditional suntan. Fake tan is a UV-free product that was developed during the 1960s when excessive exposure to the sun was found to be linked to skin cancer.

Fake tan usually comes in the form of lotions, gels, or pills, although there are other alternatives like a tanning bed or a sunbed. Fake tanning is popular because it is considered to be a relatively safer method to even out facial complexion and acquire a sun-kissed golden glow.

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Options for getting a fake tan

There are various kinds of fake tanning products available in the market. DHA-based lotions contain the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone which initiates a chemical reaction along with the amino acids present on the surface of the skin. The actual skin pigmentation is unaffected by these products and the tan gradually fades between 3 and 10 days.

Pills or lotions containing tyrosine, an amino acid, claim to stimulate melanin formation that accelerates the process of tanning. However, these products are meant to be used along with UV exposure. Temporary bronzers are available as mousse, sprays, gels, moisturizers, and lotions. Easy to apply, these popular products stay on only until they are washed off with soap and water.