How To Choose The Perfect Gift For Your Child In Israel?

Most parents will tell you that their kid has too many toys – so when it comes to birthday and Christmas gifts how do you choose the right one, without merely adding to the clutter? For a gift that truly stands out – and will stand the test of time – follow our advice.

Think about their age and developmental level: Check the label first – most toys come with an age rating. Second, use your own judgment. Just because your toddler is four doesn't mean they're ready for a balance bike – think individuality and go for it. If the baby is a newborn, then you can also buy baby naming certificates online for baby blessing ceremonies.

And third, think about what material the toy is made of. 

Think of the boy: What they do like to do? Do they go to the park, the pool, or usually go outside? Do they like going to museums or libraries? Are they obsessed with dinosaurs or superheroes? Think of a gift that might interest him.

Think about gifts the kids can share: Not literally, but gifts that kids can use to play with other kids (or even their families), like board games or puzzles. Again, they are useful for many years and can help encourage a healthy and fun sense of healthy competition in older children.

Remember that toys help children learn. And toys are often the most important way for children to learn. Choose toys that encourage creativity and free play, as well as toys that teach more 'formal' skills like arithmetic and reading.

Check with parents: If the gift is for someone else's child, consult with parents before buying. The child may already have the item, or the parents may object.

Choose a gift that is durable: In our largely extravagant world, toys that can be used for years are highly valued. Items like Legos, bicycles, and chalkboards can be used for years and passed on to other children.