Hyperhidrosis Symptoms And Treatment

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating, which isn't a normal form of perspiration. This may make a person feel very uneasy in social interactions. Usually, although the individual around the person suffering from hyperhidrosis is not paying attention to anything, the thoughts that go through the sufferer are enough to make the person feel uncomfortable. To get the best hyperhidrosis treatment, visiting a doctor is the first and necessary step.  

Hyperhidrosis affects every person differently, as every one of them may show distinct hyperhidrosis symptoms. The following hyperhidrosis symptoms are common in hyperhidrosis sufferers.


Our sweat glands are located on our hands in the body, which makes sweaty palms one of the most common hyperhidrosis symptoms. People who are affected by excessive sweating usually have the first hyperhidrosis symptoms in sweaty palms.

The next most frequent symptom of hyperhidrosis is probably sweaty underarm. This may result in an individual to wet their top repeatedly and cause embarrassment to him or her. If you realize that you're bringing extra clothes to replace your underarms, then you definitely suffer from hyperhidrosis.

Before you determine that you have hyperhidrosis, it's important that you understand there are two types of hyperhidrosis, secondary and primary. For some folks, hyperhidrosis may not be a significant cause, as other ailments such as diabetes might cause excess sweating. If that is true, it's considered secondary hyperhidrosis. If an individual's excessive perspiration isn't due to any other ailments but is mainly due to genetics or bad habits, it's deemed primary hyperhidrosis.

I suffered from sweaty palms. One method I have successfully utilized to get rid of my palmar hyperhidrosis is herbal remedies, including using easily available products at home that are applied daily and at night. I also changed my diet to avoid food, which could spoil my extra sweating, and instead choose diets that include food to fight perspiration.

A simple fix for hyperhidrosis treatment is a good antiperspirant. There are actually some antiperspirants on the market which work nicely short term but cannot be considered just endurance runners of hyperhidrosis treatment.