Timber Pallets – The New Furniture Solution

Timber pallets are a construction material that is used in lieu of wood to create furniture. Find out how these new, inexpensive furnishings can be the perfect fit for your home. 

Timber Stacks are becoming more popular as a furniture solution because of their durability and low cost. They are made from 100% solid wood, making them a durable option for both indoor and outdoor use. Timber pallets can also be treated with a sealant to prevent moisture from penetrating the wood. 

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Wooden furniture is a great way to get that rustic, vintage-inspired look without breaking the bank. And there’s no need to go out and buy new pieces every season – you can make your own wooden furniture using wooden pallets! 

1. Find some old wooden pallets that you don’t need anymore. You can find them in many places – local recycling centers, woodyards, or even online. 

2. Check the pallets for damage – if there are any major dents, cracks, or warped boards, don’t pick them up! These will make your project much more difficult and expensive. 

3. Remove the nails that hold the boards together with a hammer and a chisel. Be careful not to damage the wood underneath – a chisel is perfect for this job. 

4. Cut the boards into rough shapes with a saw or an ax. Remember to leave enough space between the pieces so that you can stain and finish them later on. 

5. Stain or seal the boards as desired. Let them dry completely before attaching any.