Tips On How To Buy Suya Spices Online In Africa

Did you know that ground spices have a shelf life of only about six months? However, most local grocery stores have spices that have been on their shelves for over a year before they go on sale. It is therefore advisable to buy spices from online stores and not from local grocery stores. You can easily buy suya mixed pepper 80g online at Kiri Foods.

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Established online stores offer spices from different geographic areas. If you decide to buy spices online, you can choose from African, Indian or Italian spices and more. Here are some tips to keep in mind when making a purchase.

1. Buy in small quantities – Buying spices in bulk doesn't make sense when shopping for household goods. Spices have a limited shelf life. So buy in small quantities and avoid long storage. While you can get discounts when buying in bulk, there's no point in buying more than you can use before you lose your appetite.

2. Consider Buying Whole Spices – Choose whole spices over ground spices, not only for longer shelf life but also for their purity. Ground spices are usually mixed with ingredients such as flour, rice, and salt. Some spices can even contain harmful substances. Therefore, it is better to buy whole herbs and grind them before use.

3. Avoid cheap spices – If a store offers spices at very low prices, instead of being tempted, be careful. There must be a reason for the unbelievably low price. Spices may be out of date.

Store your spices in a cool place away from sunlight. This way you keep your taste buds for a long time.