Understand The Concept Of Parental Alienation

There is a fine line between respecting your adult child's need for psychological peace of mind and creating your own personal statement. The key to healing parental alienation is to walk that line with grace, strength, and faith.If you want to know more about this you can read what are people saying about PA-A .


People  who have long been pushed out of their children's lives to tell their older children why they weren't there and why they didn't come back. But who really benefits from this knowledge?

As parents, we may think that this will help our older children "get well". But then again, who's healing here? Is it you or them?

There are times when it is best to keep our history intact, and that includes our history of lies. Let's face it, our history is a series of lies that we buy, buy and live with. Pay close attention to the word history: its history!

It is clear that this is not the time to make unsolicited statements about your absence in recent years. While you might think that this will clear the pile and collect the missing pieces, it can create confusion, making gifts difficult to function properly.

Your explanations on one side of the equation can create confusion on the other. Knowing you did ABC inspired the study of another basic lie that your adult child has accepted as truth through years of propaganda from others in your absence.

This confusion can prevent you from engaging with what is, and then weaken its ability to integrate your so-called explanation. It will be safe for both of you.

As you and your adult child rebuild your relationship, you will face these moments again and again. If you feel your clarification adds to the integrity, not the least, then you are moving in the direction you want.