Understanding Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers are a lot like bubble wrap. The cover is made of resin or polymer and the bubbles help to capture heat from the pool water. Solar pool covers are available in various sizes and shapes. You can also look for the best swimming pool solar cover via http://www.automaticpoolenclosure.com/covered-pool.html.

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Here are some of the benefits of solar pool cover:

Heating Water – One of the best advantages of this cover is that it prevents heat loss and also heats the water. 

This is because the covering structure manages to capture the heat in which the water is heated based on the sunlight that the pool has.

Pocket-friendly – Compared to some other options, such as pool rail caps, solar covers are affordable. If you want to utilize a roof for a swimming pool and are on a maintenance budget, this is the best option for you. Besides being affordable, this cover is easy to install because it is lightweight. No danger to the pool.

Fits Most Pool Sizes – Is your pool in an odd shape? If the answer is yes, buying a custom cover may cost you more. Do you want an easy option? 

If so, the solar cover can easily be adapted to your pool.  You just need to cut it to size and also float it on the swimming pool for some time so that it settles.

Prevent evaporation – solar pool covers work by creating physical walls to prevent evaporation. You can also minimize water loss by 80% or more with a solar pool cover. 

This indicates that you will have great savings on your water bill during the hot summer months.